Heartfelt Testimonials from previous workshop participants.

Power of Shakti is deeply healing for men and women. I feel ignited, more awakened, deeply connected to my essence. It was a cellular activation, a remembering of my soul’s gifts. Cindy Anaelle Garcia is a gifted teacher, very intuitive, holding an energetic field of unconditional love, compassion and wisdom that reflects her own transformation. I was deeply moved and transformed by the grace moving through us and the Sacred container that you so beautifully wove to experience the Divine Feminine moving through all of us. I also was touched by the openness and willingness of the group to do this powerful, transformative work individually and for the collective~CDS

Sitting in gratitude after my Womb Wisdom workshop. So different for me the second time around. Feeling in areas of my body that I have unconsciously numbed my whole life. Releasing into the vulnerability and letting go of the control rooted in fear and not feeling safe and being exposed or betrayed. Sacred wounding  that couldn’t have been discovered without first opening my heart to ALL that is possible and ALL THAT IS LOVE.~MD

Thank you so much Cindy! Your sweet presence and grace was so comforting. Namaste. ~DMC

The Power of Shakti workshop presents a transformational set of teachings that sparks the remembering of ancient womb wisdom found deep within the core of humanity. The pulsing exercises to awaken womb, heart and ovaries required us to quickly remove barriers to opening up to ourselves and to each other. The meditations provided a sacred container for introspection into our greatest fears and greatest joys, opeing us up to the the pure raw essence that we all embody. Activation of the Shakti circuit allowed an awakening of the sacred feminine pathway within that body. Cindy Anaelle Garcia, with her warmth and compassion, held a beautiful loving space for us all to blossom, heal and transform. ~H.A.

xoxox Cindy Anaelle Garcia