Wave upon wave of endless light

Cindy Anaelle Garcia January 4 · Wave upon wave of endless light Playing upon my welcoming body tonight Softly drifting into sweet surrender Barriers, strongholds, no longer hinder Dissolving in loves ecstatic kiss upon my heart From your radiant bliss, I will never part Undulating waves, ever widening, deepening Expanding beyond my wildest imagining [...]

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I bathe

January 7 · I bathe in these luxurious, velvety, silent whispers of beauty, flowing on the tenderest opalescent ribbons...Carrying me home, to my pure, loving, essential self. Eveloping me, serenading my heart with music of the spheres, heavenly orchestrations of beauty and light...tender caresses inviting me deeper, into loves sweetened embrace...into the magnificence, the glory [...]

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Fire of Holy desire

I feel the fire of Holy desire deep within my breast It is only within You that I faithfully rest I walk upon this earth firmly planted in your grace I stand firm in the courage of my conviction That I AM in service to Your Divine Will I AM in service to Divine Love [...]

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An Invitation to Tea

November 19, 2015 · An Invitation to Tea The feminine black void is calling you To take a swim in her ocean To taste the richness of Her nectar You have been invited to tea... Are you brave enough to accept Her invitation She is serving up ruthless compassion In a big black cup with [...]

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portal of my womb

With a slow, deep breath I enter the portal of my womb, which leads me to Her I relax into the rich, velvety darkness of Her welcoming embrace I feel the motherly hug of Her magnetic grace Gently merging into every part of my being Carressing, nurturing, repairing, cleansing all that is not a part [...]

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The Grieving Tree

Last night I awoke to Mother Gaia speaking to me of this... The Grieving Tree When you stop the natural process of letting go You block your natural flow and rhythm Mother says let go of the grieving tree All things must come and go We live in a steady flow of birth, death, rebirth [...]

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Rebel on the Run

September 16, 2015 · Rebel on the Run Finally caught the rebel Found him hiding in my blind spot A rebel on the run Thinking self reliance was the way to win This inner battle waged because of loss of love The stories I told myself, the lies I lived to support my one man [...]

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Dweller on the Threshold

October 7, 2015 · Dweller on the Threshold Deep in the golden cathedral of my heart A waterfall of glistening tears flow From the sanctity of my grateful soul Reviving parts of me that I allowed to wither and dry Parched from years of denied thirst I drink from this sacred well of blessed tears [...]

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Remembering I AM

  July 10, 2015 · Remembering I AM Deep down I sink into the great expanse that I Am Listening to silky whispers of voices calling me deeper A slow fire burns the edges of old stories lived Birthing anew a life that I do not yet know Expanding beyond the horizon of my heart’s [...]

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Silent Whispers

September 13, 2015 · Silent Whispers I feel you silently whispering my name A silent breeze blows through my soul Singing my bones gently awake My heart beat is quickening in response To your soulful call through the void A soft, sensually whispered invitation Arousing liquid fire in my veins I feel your loving fingertips [...]

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