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Wave upon wave of endless light

Cindy Anaelle Garcia January 4 · Wave upon wave of endless light Playing upon my welcoming body tonight Softly drifting into sweet surrender Barriers, strongholds, no longer hinder Dissolving in loves ecstatic kiss upon my heart From your radiant bliss, I will never part Undulating waves, ever widening, deepening Expanding beyond my wildest imagining [...]

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Healing story

I have had a lump in my breast that I have been healing over the last few months or so. Last night I prayed for it to be gone completely after feeling into the underlying wound of still not fully surrendering to the beloved Divine moving through, in and as me on some level. It [...]

By |February 25th, 2016|blog, story|11 Comments

Full faith in God

No matter the act, if it is not performed with full faith in God, it is a selfish act seeded in lack of trust in the immense power of The ONE that gave birth to our beloved, eternal Soul

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NEVER deny

I will NEVER deny you again and stop your love from entering my Soul...My Beloved Mother, Father, God, I love you and am in eternal service to your love. Immense gratitude beyond words for this gift of embodiment for this new life that I have been gifted.

By |February 25th, 2016|blog, prayer|1 Comment

Immense beauty

We come from immense beauty and we are here to celebrate and share in this bountiful beauty, this sweetness called love literally drips like honey from the core of our beings...nectar...sweet nectar divine. To be asleep to this a minute longer is a waste of precious life

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I had two very interesting dreams last night...the first was giant yellow, golden frogs coming out of the ground everywhere, followed by water...very cleansing dream. Shortened them a bit for quick reading. The second took place in an unfamiliar town. I was walking around, came upon a woman about to do a talk on dog [...]

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I bathe

January 7 · I bathe in these luxurious, velvety, silent whispers of beauty, flowing on the tenderest opalescent ribbons...Carrying me home, to my pure, loving, essential self. Eveloping me, serenading my heart with music of the spheres, heavenly orchestrations of beauty and light...tender caresses inviting me deeper, into loves sweetened embrace...into the magnificence, the glory [...]

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Fire of Holy desire

I feel the fire of Holy desire deep within my breast It is only within You that I faithfully rest I walk upon this earth firmly planted in your grace I stand firm in the courage of my conviction That I AM in service to Your Divine Will I AM in service to Divine Love [...]

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immensely beautiful

Bathed in immensely beautiful, loving, nurturing energy last night. Wave upon wave of incredible energy moving in and through my being. I had a hard time sleeping because it was so delicious. We are so blessed to be alive on the planet at this time. I am feeling so much gratitude

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love for our collective humanity

I am loving you all heart emoticon Feeling the love for our collective humanity welling up inside of me. I am envisioning the day we all live in harmony and truly love each other as Brothers and Sisters. I will hold this vision firmly, like an eternal candle burning in the night, sharing my light [...]

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