Last night I awoke to Mother Gaia speaking to me of this…
The Grieving Tree
When you stop the natural process of letting go
You block your natural flow and rhythm
Mother says let go of the grieving tree
All things must come and go
We live in a steady flow of birth, death, rebirth
That which wants to be born anew is waiting for you to drop the leaves in your grieving tree
Feel the loss, the sorrow, the shame, the guilt, the blame, the anger, fear, feelings of unworthiness, tiredness…feel whatever is causing you to not let the old dried up leaves fall to the ground
Forgive all that you cling to
Clinging to that which no longer has life is suffocating that which longs to breathe new life
She says… give it to me, give it all to me…surrender the old to me so I can take it back into my womb and recycle this into a new seed to spring forth in you
Give new life to yourself, rebirth yourself
Your roots run deep into the web of life
Your branches reach high to welcome the light of the sun
You are deeply nourished and fed
Trust in this deep connection, trust that all life flows through you, trust that you are firmly held in the loving embrace of heaven and earth
It is time to drop all the leaves on your grieving tree
It is time for you to embrace the fullness of your living tree
Surrender dear ones…surrender to me, your Mother…I will give you new life, if you surrender the old one to me
I do this for every tree, plant, flower, animal…for every sentient being on this planet because I love you
My ability to create anew is endless
This creative force lives within you
Come, let’s bring to life your radiant living tree!
-Mother Gaia via
-Cindy Anaelle Garcia